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DIY Custom Drawer Liner May 18, 2010

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Bathroom drawers can get really gross, and they aren’t that easy to clean.  I had three criteria for the perfect drawer liner: removable for cleaning, water resistant and stylish.  So after looking at my drawer liner options at home improvement stores and Target, finding nothing, I decided that I need to make my own.



Some of the drawers (there are 10 in this old vanity) had no liner, and some had this red and white grid contact paper, reminiscent of 1986.

So I gathered my supplies.


1. Clear contact paper

2. Wrapping paper – the higher quality (thicker), the better

3. Craft knife

4. Ruler

5. Self-healing mat (not shown)

After measuring and re-measuring my drawers, I cut the wrapping paper and then placed it in the drawer to make sure it fit…then I cut it again so that it did fit.


I then cut the contact paper so that it overlapped at least two inches on each side of the wrapping paper.  Then I placed the wrapping paper face down in the center of the contact paper, making sure that it was smooth and there were no air bubbles.  I cut squares from the contact paper on each corner and then folded the contact paper over.




Super easy! And they can be taken out and wiped down.

Sadly, I’m not truly in love with this wrapping paper. It works for now, but I found some that I really *heart* here and here.


One Response to “DIY Custom Drawer Liner”

  1. smellanie Says:

    That is such a cool idea!

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