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Modern House Numbers May 21, 2010

Filed under: Home,Wanted — Jessa @ Sparkle @ 12:01 pm

I’ve been on the hunt for some modern looking house numbers to adorn the front of our home.  Here is a round-up of what I like so far..


House Numbers

1. Mod Plexi Address Plaques by modplexi on Etsy

2. LED House Numbers at Chiasso

3. Paragon Modern House Numbers at Atlas Homewares

4. Natural Satin Aluminum at West On

5. Domicile House Numbers at Chiasso

6. Neutra House Numbers at DWR

7. House Numbers by HouseArt

I also found some cool ones at and custom ones can be made at  Ideally I am looking for a plaque that has vertical cut-outs of the number. I know it’s out there, now I need to find it…

PS. The cute tape strip up top is part of a free download from Katrina at Thanks Katrina!


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