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Insert Four Letter Word Here August 5, 2010

Filed under: Home — Jessa @ Sparkle @ 9:50 am

Consider this. You think your adorable little toddler is being a good girl and is taking a nap, ah the joys of parenthood… Silence is deceiving my friend. You go in to the room she is “sleeping” in and to your horror discover this:

Bad bad bad

The crayons say okay. So that didn’t work at all. What do you do?

First thing..take a deep breath. Then walk out of the room and pour yourself a large glass of wine ( ignore the fact that it is only 10 in the morning ). Grab a rag and some of this magic-in-a-can:


Spray some of the WD-40  on the rag and wipe.  Like it was never there.  Breathe.  All clean before the Mr. gets home. Disaster averted.

According to the manufacturer, WD-40 has over 2000 uses.  Magic indeed.


One Response to “Insert Four Letter Word Here”

  1. Chris F. Says:

    That. Is. Awesome.

    WD-40 FTW!!

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